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Lerner IT Consulting, LLC is a legally licensed and insured company focused on creating affordable, full-service Information Technology solutions for small to medium sized companies in the Greater Los Angeles area, providing them with the IT support they need to succeed. Most small to medium-sized businesses rely on technology to survive. 

When IT is down, employees are being paid to sit and wait for a solution. With support options to assist within 4 hours or less, Lerner IT Consulting is a reliable solution for all your IT needs. Everything from employee onboarding/deboarding, PC provisioning, Help Desk, disaster recovery and business continuity documentation, encryption, data center creation and management, cloud transition, and more.


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Kyle Lerner

President, Lerner IT Consulting, LLC

Kyle Lerner, the Founder and President of Lerner IT Consulting, LLC has over 10 years of professional IT experience. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from CalState University, Northridge, has many awards, and has assisted thousands of clients. While in college, Lerner worked for Apple, Inc. and as a network analyst for Informa Business Intelligence, where he was responsible for developing and implementing large scale IT projects, disaster recovery management, and data center maintenance.  He significantly contributed to the company’s IT infrastructure and procurement. With his years of experience working with Apple Inc. and Informa Business Intelligence Lerner has created an affordable way for business owners to get the professional IT service they need along with the quick response times that are principal in this industry. Lerner IT Consulting is trusted and relied on by many businesses in the greater Los Angeles area with fulfilled service level agreements and full IT infrastructure success.

Steven Sinn

Support Technician, Lerner IT Consulting, LLC

Steven Sinn, Support Technician at Lerner IT Consulting, LLC has over 30 years of corporate strategy and development experience specializing in communications and client relations.  Sinn’s experience comes from an impressive corporate background, with previous employers including, but not limited to, Bank of America, Mortgage Quality Management & Research, and the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation. He holds credentials in Business Administration from CalState University Los Angeles, along with specialized training in operational infrastructure, communications, customer advocacy, and change management.  Sinn’s dedication to craftsmanship, along with his diligence towards detail, makes him a key resource for client interface and fulfillment. He is a “measure twice, cut once” individual, targeting one-touch resolution.

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Lemon Law Attorney  |  Los Angeles, CA

The Barry Law Firm

A very strong and bold website advertising the effective and supportive nature of their lemon law services.

Construction Management  |  Woodland Hills, CA

Jorgensen-Reeve Builders

A website designed to quickly educate the visitor on the type of work JRB does, several easy ways to access photos of their work, and how to connect with them.

Dental Health Services  |  Ventura, CA

Ventura Orthodontic Group

Ventura Orthodontic Group asked Lerner IT to create a website that quickly and efficiently provides information on the types of services they offer and FAQs.

Cheerleading Gym  |  Canoga Park, CA

Impact Cheer and Tumbling

This website was designed to offer parents quick and easy access to Impact’s schedule, class information, release forms, and social media feeds.

RV Park  |  Lake Balboa, CA

Hollywood RV Park

A website designed to show all of the amenities and fun activities at Hollywood RV Park. There are also forms for spectators to make bookings at the park itself.

Investment and Biz Dev  |  Bell Canyon, CA

Ignite Venture Partners

This website focuses on promoting pathos feel and hard statistics to represent the strong team being Ignite VP. They are capable of moving businesses forward, and their website proudly displays that.

Health Services  |  Mission Hills, CA

Harbor Recuperative Care

Focused on quick access to information, the easy-to-read interface of HRC’s website offers interactive forms, information on care, and several photos display amenities at the center and clinic.

Flooring Services  |  Santa Clarita, CA

DTS Company

DTS has their website focused on showing off their skilled labor, beautiful fniished products, and the types of flooring they recommend and install. IT also offers easy ways for visitors to contact them.

Health and Wellness Coach  |  San Diego, CA

Taylored Wellness

This website was a creative collaboration between Lerner IT and the insatiably skilled mind of its owner, Taylor Holt.  When browsing the site, the visitor feels at ease and welcome. It offers easy access to list the of her services, along with easy ways to contact her.

Business & Real Estate Law Services  |  Torrance, CA


Seeking a strong and bold approach to represent the way the way will represent you, GWT’s website offers very easy ways to see the types of law they specialize in. Additionally, visitors can read about the various lawyers working at the firm and contact them directly.

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#1 Canoga Park’s Highest-rated IT Services Company*
*As of 11/05/2018

#20 San Fernando Valley’s Highest-rated IT Services Company*
*As of 11/05/2018

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